Common Mistakes To Avoid When Replacing Your Car Battery

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Sometimes the car battery is hopeless and needs to be replaced. However, for many the procedure of changing the old battery for a new one can be very simple, but you should avoid making these 6 mistakes.

Car battery replacement is not too difficult, but it is a process that one mistake can cost the durability of the car battery. That’s why we decided to list the 6 mistakes you should avoid when replacing the car battery.

Read this blog to keep in mind safety measures that you should take when replacing car battery.

Safety Measures Before Car Battery Replacement

Before changing your car battery, try to take these safety measures:

  •  Turn off the car.
  •  Work in outdoor places, where the gases have no possibility of concentrating.
  • Use protective glasses and insulating gloves.
  • Remove jewelry, especially rings and necklaces.

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Mistakes when replacing the car battery

If you are one of the many people who have never changed the car battery or do not know the procedure, you should entrust the car battery replacement to a professional. But if you want to do it without mistakes, look here at the most common ones that you should avoid at all costs.

1. Verify that the problem is really the battery

One of the most common mistakes is to blame the battery for any problems. However, it is necessary to check that there is a bad charge in the car battery because it is broken or damaged, otherwise, you will incur an extra expense when buying a new one and changing other car parts.

2. Disconnect the battery

During car battery replacement, many people ask themselves, should the negative or positive cable be changed first? You should always disconnect the negative cable first, this eliminates the ground connection from the battery to the car body.

3. Do not leave the car without power

One of the most common mistakes is to just remove the battery from the car and leave it without power for a while. You should know that this action can cause anything from the complete loss of several codes in the infotainment system to completely deconfiguring the car console. Try to have a portable battery and keep it connected while the car battery replacement is happening.

4. Side caps in new batteries

Some new batteries have small side caps, and it is very important to remove them before starting the car with the new battery. Although it does not affect the car instantly, in the long term, it can cause damage quickly and need to be replaced.

5. You should not sand the battery poles

One of the most common mistakes made when changing the car battery is the tips or tricks of sanding the poles of the new one with the idea that it makes more contact with the terminals of the car, an action that damages the useful life. of the battery. It is advisable to apply special Vaseline for batteries.

6. Do not throw away or try to sell the old battery

A mistake that many make when changing the car battery is trying to sell it to recover a little money invested without thinking about the danger it represents for the potential buyer. But others try to throw it in the trash without knowing how highly polluting it is for the environment. It is best to take it to a workshop or center where used batteries are collected.

7. Be cautious of weather conditions

Extreme temperatures are never good for your car’s components. And batter is one of the most sensitive parts when it comes to weather conditions. Leaving your vehicle unattended in scorching sun or painful winters is the worst thing you can do. 

With the enormous difference between both scenarios, the cold has more immediate effects because it accelerates the loss of power.

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Hire a Professional to Change Your Battery

Sometimes we learn with experience. If you have no choice but car battery replacement, remember that it is important to put on gloves. You may accidentally get your hands wet with the liquid.

And don’t go buying a new battery without taking a look at your vehicle’s manual. In it, you will find fundamental information on choosing the right battery for your car.

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